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Who We Are

From its inception over forty years ago in Birmingham, Michigan, Uniprop has been an active investor and manager of real estate and private equity investments. Leveraging years of experience and discipline, combined with flexibility, Uniprop partners with management teams to acquire majority equity interests in stable, easy to understand businesses and income producing real estate properties.

280 Daines Street, Birmingham, Michigan

Investing in Real Estate & Private Equity

Real Estate

Uniprop specializes in the acquisition, development and management of a variety of commercial and residential real estate property types. Activities include site acquisition, land development, construction and all aspects of property management. The real estate portfolio consists of commercial and residential properties located in multiple states.

Private Equity

Uniprop acquires North American companies and helps them realize their full potential by providing capital and operational support. Uniprop executes its investment strategy with flexibility and collaborates with management teams and operators to achieve sustainable growth and long-term success.

Private equity investments are an eclectic mix of easily understood businesses, such as transloading, funeral homes, cemeteries, safety services, rail car cleaning, salad packing, and electrical distribution.